catwalk 2022

conceptual design

Project Zero Impact brought teamwork of students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cooperation between two different fashion design studios of UJEP and VŠVU enabled the creation of a collection which emphasizes sustainability in the fashion industry. The designers created a platform for sharing a know-how with a young generation of designers, and involving other industry peers. Students had a truly unique opportunity to travel to Italy, visit top quality italian apparel factories and see with their own eyes how the best eco fabrics are produced. That is extremely important because the good conditions in the manufacturing processes are one of the key components of slow and sustainable fashion. The main message of this project is to promote slow and sustainable fashion trends and raise awareness of the problems of the clothing industry.

Head of project:
MgA. Jan C. LÖBL (UJEP), Mgr. art. Barbora PEUCH (VŠVU)
UJEP – University J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
BcA. Monika Pizurová (SR), BcA. Alyaksandra Yakubovskaya (BLR), Zdeněk Marek (CZ), Lukáš Duong (CZ)
VŠVU – Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia
Dominika Párnická, Natália Repkovská, Michaela Turanská, Juliana Brnáková, Mgr. art.
Maja Božović (SR) , Mgr. art. Barbora Peuch (SR)

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