About SFS

The Slow Fashion Show (SFS) is a non-profit association focused on a young generation of fashion designers, who combined style and technology to create Slow Fashion collections without hurting environment or people. Only a select number of fashion students see their collections on the runway, with this platform every student has the opportunity to show their collections.

Future of Fashion - slow, sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, technological and innovative.

SFS is an immersive showcasing environment to discover and connect with new emerging brands and collaborations within the creative industries, exploring the intersection of fashion, music, art, photography, technology and performance.

Be part of the future and do the change!

Programme provides access to networking, industry insights and our international professional network to develop or enhance business collaborations which can lead to future employment or other fashion related opportunities.

Slow Fashion Show is a digital and physical showcasing platform, bringing the creative talent of different universities to a global community.

Before the SFS show all students have the opportunity to send a portfolio to us, and have a chance to take part in our show.

History of SFS

The inaugural Slow Fashion Show was hosted by the Czech Centre at A House Ark in Stockholm in March 2020. Monika Pizur, the project’s creator and leader, was an intern in the Czech Centre during her master’s degree studies at the time. Following the event, Monika connected with Alex Levchenko, a guest at the show.

Monika returned to Stockholm in the summer of 2021, reuniting with Alex to discuss the idea of organizing another Slow Fashion Show and continuing the project together. The concept for the second SFS was developed, and in the autumn of 2022, they successfully organized the show at Blivande, Stockholm, in collaboration with the Czech Centre in Stockholm. Prior to the event, Monika met Ebba Mercedes, who expressed a desire to contribute and be part of the SFS. Following the show, we welcomed Ebba to our team.

In the spring of 2023, we successfully transitioned into a non-profit association. With a comprehensive 5-year plan, we are actively working on expanding into different slow-focused communities and beyond, aiming to create the optimal platform for showcasing our designers.

Our current focus is on the third Slow Fashion Show scheduled for March 2024 in Stockholm, as we continue our mission to promote sustainable fashion and support emerging designers.

Slow Fashion Show, non-profit organization
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