OPEN CALL SFS23 for students

Applications are now open for August 2023
Deadline is until June 30, 2023

SFS opens applications internationally for all students of fashion design, who are working on slow, sustainable, ethical or eco-friendly collections. We believe slow and sustainable fashion is the right way and future for us. That is why we are supporting and presenting young talented designers on our runway and creating space for future businesses and supporting education.
We are carefully choosing the best collections from all over the world by design and idea / solution of the concept.
🔸 Age: 18+ (student, or graduated designer within one year after graduation).
🔸 Collection: 3-10 outfits in a slow, sustainable, ethical or eco-friendly collection. We are always open to new ideas in sustainability and technology.
How to apply:
🔸 Send us an email to:
🔸 Subject: Open call SFS23.
🔸 Content: a short description about you, your work, your visions in a slow, sustainable, ethical or eco-friendly fashion + add the name of the University, where you study and country, where you are from.
🔸 Attachment: add your portfolio with photo documentation and written description about your concept.
🔸 Deadline: until June 30, 2023.

🔸 The expert commission will choose the best collection at the start of July and you will be contacted by email.
🔸 If you are selected, there is no participation cost. SFS covers:

  • 3 – 10 models;
  • make-up and hair;
  • venue;
  • photos and videos from the show and backstage;
  • photos from the photoshoot of the best outfit from your collection.

About the event:
🔸 The show SFS23 will be placed onsite in Stockholm, Sweden.
🔸 Date: August 2023 (exact date will be specified soon).

Bring the best of your vision to the event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the email or social networks.
If you want to explore the SFS events, feel free to check previous shows.

Past events

Slow Fashion Show 2022

A crowd of business and fashion enthusiasts came together on Sep 3rd to see the future of fashion with Slow Fashion Show 2022 at its second live annual event. The iconic Frihamnstorget location, with its colourful container village, hosted shootings and a runway. Guests were surrounded by the reused materials of the sea equipment, between the heart of the city centre and the bridge of calm industrial area.

Slow Fashion Show 2020

The year 2020 started with a brand new fashion show, which had a big success not only among people with slow-environment-friendly thoughts and ideas. The 1st year of Slow Fashion Show placed in Stockholm (SWE) on March 3rd.

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